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Build your room in a miniature design. With a wooden gluing kit, you can create an armchair, chair, table or even a cot.

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Alter Empfohlenes Alter: ab 8 Jahren
Gewichtung 0.45 kg
Größe 270 x 200 x 920 mm
Kastengröße 290 x 217 x 47 mm
Schwierigkeitsgrad 2 - Leicht
EAN 8594036430501
Stueckzahl 128


The sets vary with their size, they contain up to 300 parts of precisely cut pine wooden prisms of 9 x 9 mm, gables, roofs and bases made of plywood, doors and windows, even foil representing glass. Paper prints can be applied on roof areas. The set also contains sandpaper to use for small adjustments. Individual parts are glued with wood and paper glue according to step-by step diagram instructions, i.e. pictograms, with symbols for separate working acts. This simple system also enabled easy eight-language versions of the instructions. Needs PVA or wood glue.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Karton EAN 8594036439504
Karton PCS 16
Kartongröße 445 x 300 x 400
Kartongewicht 7.2 kg

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