Walachia wooden toys

We are making unique wooden model making kits from Czech wood since 1991!


Perforated wooden prisms, wheels and rollers together form dozens of different constructions that you can endlessly assemble and dismantle again. In each box you will find inspiration for around 12 models, but your imagination has no limits. High-quality wooden parts are ideal for the first construction of the smallest children as well as for advanced schoolchildren.

Dismantling VARIO building set

The set contains beech parts of 15 mm in diameter, of various lengths with locks at the ends. It is possible to build from it more variants of different buildings according to your own ideas. It can be assembled and dismantled. Vario support children’s imagination, well-made wooden toys are naturally smooth to touch, completely safe to play with and will last a long time.

Wooden hobby kit

With the small wooden timbers for timbered walls, parts for roofs and gables, cardboard cut-outs and pre-printed prints, you can make pretty nice wooden gluing house! You need nothing more than a little dexterity and glue for wood and paper. And to make it easier for you, a step-by step diagram instructions, i.e. pictograms is included in the package.


Miniatures of furniture and garden accessories glued from wooden parts are fun for long hours. The individual parts are made of Czech pine wood, which is really long-life and excells in its durability. With the help of the enclosed step-by step diagram instructions, i.e. pictograms in each CREATIVE KIT, children and adults can glue the original wooden kits and have fun for more than one afternoon.

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Our advantages


Ecological high-quality product from Czech wood


Create imagination and develop children skills


Walachia products are tested to the CE and ASTM standards


The beech and pine wood comes exclusively from Czech Republic

What are our customers saying

Two years ago, I came across WALACHIA HOBBY KIT and bought it for my daughter for Christmas. We built it together and we really enjoyed it. I bought another one last year and it was a success again. This year, when I asked her what she would like for Christmas, she said she wanted another house, that it was the best kit she had ever built.

Jan Svitak, Czech writer

I built a beautiful village with many WALACHIA kits. Everyone who saw it liked it very much and asked me where I bought such beautiful kits. I really fell in love with WALACHIA kits and need more and more new sets.
Andrea Malikova Rogonova, customer