VARIO building set

Children from 5 years will experience hours of fun and careful work with VARIO kits – 9 variants can arbitrarily compose and decompose to dozens of models of buildings. These differ in the amount of parts, roof design and packaging. All of these models are compatible with each other and can build dozens of different buildings. For practical storage and durability are VARIO kits stored in solid cardboard boxes, kits in the VARIO SUITCASE execution are stored in the practical cases and the VARIO BOX are hidden in a massive box made of beech wood and plywood, with wheels.

In nurseries and children’s rooms is not just as a storage space for kit, but also as part of the seating furniture.

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Dismantling VARIO building set includes assembled and dismantled models of buildings, made up of beech logs with a diameter of 15 mm, in lengths of from 28 to 250 mm, with halfround locks. They are compatible with each other and allow you to build dozens of variants of the structures. Windows and doors are glued together from the massive profiles are inserted into the walls of buildings. They are stored in solid cardboard boxes, suitcase or sturdy box made of beech solid wood and plywood which ensure their long life.

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