1.What will come in handy:

  • Glue, pencil, ruler, creasing knife, paintbrush, clothespins
  • foil to glue the wooden prisms on so they don’t stick to the backing

2.Sort the wooden prisms and other parts by size, use a ruler at the bottom of the instructions. The wooden prisms are folded as they are made, but the transport will do its work.

3.If necessary, sand the parts
(plywood, squares).

4.Read the instructions carefully and follow the steps listed. The meaning of the symbols used can always be found at the top of the instructions.

5.Apply the glue with the glue applicator or a brush in a thin layer, only on one surface to be glued. Bond and allow to dry. If applying adhesive on the faces of the wooden prisms, a larger quantity of glue must be used due to the higher absorption rate.

6.Apply the glue on the inside so that it does not run onto the visible side of the product after gluing.

7.To measure distances or support during gluing, you can use individual wooden prisms that are 9×9 mm.

8.Before gluing the prints, it is advisable to dilute the glue with a little water so that it spreads better.
Apply the glue to the print, not the wood. After gluing the print, smooth it with a piece of cloth.

9.You can use clothespins to help you glue or weight the joint.

10.Do not cut off the edges of the glued print, but sand it with sandpaper according to the picture “TIP”.