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Construction kit to build a miniature scale traditional building from real logs. This 3D woodcraft kit comes with wood blocks of different lengths, building parts for the construction of roof, windows, doors, other components and step-by step diagram instructions, i.e. pictograms, with symbols for separate working acts.

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Age Recommended age from 8 years
Weight 0.44 kg
Size 160 x 160 x 150 mm
Box size 290 x 217 x 47 mm
Difficulty 1 - Beginner
EAN 8594036430075
Number of pieces 70


The sets vary with their size, they contain 70 parts of precisely cut wooden prisms of 9 x 9 mm, gables, roofs and bases made of plywood, doors and windows, even foil representing glass. Paper prints can be applied on roof areas, or it is possible to glue on them shingles made of beech veneer. The set also contains dusting material, which is used to symbolise grass, as well as sandpaper to use for small adjustments. Individual parts are glued with wood and paper glue according to step-by step diagram instructions, i.e. pictograms, with symbols for separate working acts. This simple system also enabled easy eight-language versions of the instructions.Look great as part of a model railway or imaginative (1:32). Needs PVA or wood glue.

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Carton EAN 8594036439078
Carton PCS 16
Carton size 445 x 300 x 400

History of the building

The construction kit you have represents one of several types of traditional village structures. Wood, favorite construction material of our ancestors, used to be readily available to almost everybody. This material allowed construction of numerous beautiful wooden structures throughout Europe. The size, architectural complexity, and aesthetic beauty of different structures reflected the prosperity and taste of their owners. Wood was used not only for construction of family dwellings, but also for farm buildings, churches, guildhalls, and other structures in traditional villages. Stone, another frequently used building material, was used for construction of cellars and building foundations. There were many skillful carpenters among farmers, who could construct the walls, make the windows, doors, and furniture. The roof was traditionally covered with wood shingles. Construction of wooden houses became eventually standardized, allowing effective production of individual house components such as doors and windows by specialized wood craftsmen. When you are building your project, realize that you will be going through the same stages of construction as your ancestors did. The construction kits available in this series will allow you to create a traditional European village containing all major components of everyday life. Enjoy your project ! The kit in this package contains all materials necessary for construction of hayloft. Haylofts were very simple structures built without foundations, but supported by four large stones placed in the corners of a building. Haylofts were used for storage of hay. To prevent hay from getting wet, hay was placed on the wooden grate, which formed the floor of the building, that allowed ventilation and kept hay dry.

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